About The Hartford County Bar Association

The Association’s origins date back to 1783. Throughout the years, countless attorneys and judges have built the Association into an organization that has sustained viability and continuity of purpose or both its membership and the Hartford community.

The Hartford County Bar Association has a connected membership whose shared purpose is to advance the administration of justice while upholding and improving the professional standards of the legal profession. Association members experience not only a common vision but a common bond of friendship.


The purposes of the Hartford County Bar Association are:

  • To advance jurisprudence
  • To facilitate the administration of justice
  • To assist in the improvement of the judicial system of the state of Connecticut and the nation
  • To uphold and improve the professional and educational standards of the legal profession
  • To assist in employing the abilities of the legal profession for the general good of the public
  • To encourage cordial relations among the members of the Bar
  • And to cooperate with other Bar Associations of the State of Connecticut and the nation.



Drawing strength from its long tradition, the Hartford County Bar Association is a vital and united organization joined in dedicated and relevant service to its members and the community.