The Hartford County Bar Association

The HCBA is a voluntary not-for-profit association of lawyers and judges in Hartford County, dedicated to promoting public service and furthering the principles of law and justice.

225th Anniversary

225th Anniversary

225th Anniversary Celebration

2008 marked the 225th anniversary of the Hartford County Bar Association. A celebration dinner was held on December 8, 2008 at The Marriott Hartford Downtown. Over 300 members were in attendance. The program was hosted by the organization’s president, Kathryn Calibey and United States Senator Christopher J. Dodd gave the Keynote Address. The culmination of the event was a special tribute to the organization’s past presidents.

Anniversary Celebration Committee Members

Kathryn A. Calibey
Honorable Anne C. Dranginis
Honorable Alexandra D. DiPentima
John C. King

Presidents of the Hartford County Bar Association
 List of Presidents: 1886-present

1886-1917 Charles E. Perkins*
1917-1922 Charles E. Gross*
1922-1926 William F. Henney*
1926-1928 Lucius F. Robinson*
1928-1930 Bernard F. Gaffney*
1930-1932 John T. Robinson*
1932-1934 Hugh M. Alcorn*
1934-1936 Joseph F. Berry*
1936-1938 Alexander W. Creedon*
1938-1938 Charles Welles Gross*
1940 Josiah H. Peck*
1940-1942 Henry J. Marks*
1942-1944 Frank E. Healy*
1944-1946 Lucius F. Robinson, Jr.*
1946-1948 Joseph P. Cooney*
1949-1949 Robert P. Butler*
1949-1951 Solomon Elsner*
1951-1952 Leo V. Gaffney*
1951-1953 Cyril Coleman*
1953-1954 Julius B. Schatz*
1954-1955 J. Ronald Regnier*
1955-1956 James F. Kennedy*
1956-1957 Frederick J. Rundbaken*
1957-1958 John F. Downes*
1958-1959 John J. Kenny*
1959-1960 Wallace R. Burke*
1960-1961 Charles N. Segal*
1961-1962 Frederick W. Beach*
1962-1963 Cornelius D. Shea*
1963-1964 William K. Cole*
1964-1965 Harold I. Koplowitz*
1965-1966 Joseph J. Trantolo, Sr.*
1966-1967 William R. Moller
1967-1968 Max M Savitt*
1968-1969 Thomas J. O’Donnell*
1969-1970 James C. Parakilas*
1970-1971 Edward S. Pomeranz*

1971-1972 Ralph C. Dixon*
1972-1973 Valentino D. Clementino*
1973-1974 William R. Davis
1974-1975 Maxwell Heiman*
1975-1976 Joseph P. Kenny*
1976-1977 Robert F. Taylor*
1977-1978 Joseph F. Skelley, Jr.*
1978-1979 John R. Fitzgerald*
1979-1980 Milton Krevolin*
1980-1981 Nicholas P. Cardwell
1981-1982 Gary A. Friedle
1982-1983 Joseph A. Lorenzo*
1983-1984 Paul W. Orth
1984-1985 Bernard Poliner*
1985-1986 Albert Zakarian
1986-1987 William A. Roberto
1987-1988 John M. Bailey*
1988-1989 John R. Caruso
1989-1990 A. Raymond Madorin
1990-1991 Catherine P. Kligerman*
1991-1992 Robert L. Wyld
1992-1993 Ernest J. Mattei
1993-1994 Vincent F. Sabatini
1994-1995 Vincent L. Diana*
1995-1996 John L. Bonee, III
1996-1997 James G. Green, Jr.
1997-1998 James J. Szerejko
1998-1999 Elizabeth A. Schumacher
1999-2000 Michael Ruben Peck
2000-2001 Francis J. Brady
2001-2002 Glenn E. Coe
2002-2003 John C. Matulis, Jr.
2003-2004 Steven M. Greenspan
2004-2005 Matthew Dallas Gordon
2005-2006 Dennis J. Kerrigan, Jr.
2006-2007 Anthony J. Natale
2007-2008 Claudia A. Baio
2008-2009 Kathryn Calibey
2009-2010 John C. King
2010-2011 Raymond C. Bliss
2011-2012 James J. Tancredi
2012-2013 Debra C. Ruel
2013-2014 James F. Sullivan
2014-2015 Mark A. Rosenblum
2015-2016 Thomas A. Gugliotti
2016-2017 Hon. Anne C. Dranginis
2017-2018 Robert E. Kaelin
2018-2019 Michael Menapace

* Deceased

Hartford County Bar Association Presidents Book

In honor of the Association’s 225th Anniversary, the History Committee compiled an overview of the individuals who have served as president from 1886 through 2008.

The publication contains biographical sketches of the deceased presidents and quotes from contemporary presidents. The biographical sketches were compiled with information available from the Hartford County Bar Association records, newspaper articles and obituaries, historical references and internet sources.

If you are an HCBA Member and are interested in obtaining a copy of this publication, please contact the HCBA office at (860) 525-8106.

 Download a PDF copy of the book